Friday, October 25, 2013


Lately on Instagram I've been trying to only post photos that tell a story. It sucks sometimes because it's nice having people send you a hundred likes because you posted a picture of your face. So I mean, I do that, OK? I can't help it. I need a self-esteem booster every once in a while. I'm OK with that. Besides, it's always going to be a picture of myself that I chose from many terrible attempts and added a filter so it doesn't even look like me anymore. So, people are just liking this idea of me. That's what being pretty online is all about... filters. Instagram users are SHALLOW. If i don't post a picture of my face then I don't get as many people liking it... which is so stupid because all the pictures I post are GOLD except for the selfies. Stupid users.

But this stupid whole paragraph I just wrote makes me seem like I'm OBSESSED with getting likes and I'm "feinin' for notifications" when that's not really the case... anymore, at least. Since maybe a while ago, at least. Instagram doesn't matter. Facebook doesn't matter. Twitter doesn't matter. It's all for attention and self-validation. I'm not immune to that, either. It's sad, really.

Moderation is always key.

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