Sunday, July 1, 2012

stranger danger

I went to a BBQ party the other night, and I was half an hour late, but still the first one there -__- haha so I was sitting at the shelter bench, and this 30something-year-old man came up to me and started asking me all these questions about Muslim women.

He asked me why Muslim women are so unapproachable... after he had just approached me. I asked him if I was unapproachable, and he said yes................ so I asked him how he approached me. He danced around the question, but was so keen on telling me over and over again that Muslims are so different from everyone else, and that it's clear that they're different. It was the oddest thing, but I completely understand an outsider's curiosity. To say that Muslims are different than anyone else is just complete bull. You can't tell what religion someone is by walking by them on the street unless they we're obvious religious attire, which they don't always do. He said he wanted a modest woman to marry, but Muslim women only want to marry Muslim men... He seemed to know a lot about Islam, but I hate when people say that one group of people is ALL a certain way. Like ALL Muslims are Arab, ALL Muslims are modest. Jesus' mother Mary, or Mariam, covered herself very modestly, even according to Christian beliefs, I explained. He wasn't disrespectful about it at all, and he seemed very interesting in hearing my perspective, which I obviously liked :)
The BBQ was so much fun, though. I brought a camera, but I left the battery at home in the charger -___- I was so angryy. So it wasn't recorded at all. But iA I'll remember it. I forgot to tell the physician about my memory problem though... typical.
Strangers seem to find me VERY approachable, contrary to this guy's apparent beliefs lmao...

But people have been pretty rude lately. Usually it doesn't get to me, or I don't even notice it but damn, it's been getting to me lately.
We don't have power, and a lot of our county doesn't have power, so there are lines everywhere and impatient people are ever so present!
go away, all of you.

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