Wednesday, June 20, 2012

bus ad fame

This month my face is featured on the side of a city bus! Cool, right? :) Check out all the information, here
This is a campaign by the Interfaith Council for Public Policy with the aim of bringing awareness to different faiths and religious wear. I haven't yet heard what the reaction has been, but I'm excited to hear what feelings these ads provoke. Three years ago the organization had Arabic words on banners inside buses, and then allowed for people to comment on their website, where they found out the meaning of the words ("Rock, Paper, Scissors" and "I'm a Little Teapot"). You'd be surprised by how offended people were when they saw the Arabic phrases during their commute without knowing the meaning. You can check out that campaign here.
Side note: the photo shoot itself was really fun! We walked around the downtown area and took pictures in some really cool places. Why they chose this one, I have no clue! haha
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