Thursday, November 10, 2011

the constant variable

What they say about Virginia plates remains true; they're completely awesome. I stumbled across this license plate while with some friends downtown last Spring.
Tonight was kind of terrible. But then I randomly came across this photo in one of my old albums.
Keep your faith strong and you'll find strength in overcoming each barrier you face. Lesson of the day, eh? You can't really go wrong there.
Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy this. And now I'm making a list in my head of potential license plate letters for when I get my first car (or Vespa, whichever).
I just need a break from being busy! There's no place I'd rather be than home right now. I'm trying hard not to count down the days until winter break so that they'll go by faster. I'm excited for Samirah's wedding and Thanksgiving, which are both fast approaching.
Now back to the 10,000 assignments I have to do by tomorrow evening. I only wish time was on my side.
Will the lion sleep tonight? I highly doubt it. Not in this mighty jungle we call college.
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