Wednesday, October 19, 2011

catch me if you can

a bunch of us got tickets to see Barack Obama speak at a university near our own
then afterwards my friend Irfan and I got to speak on a local news station!
(they just asked us what the atmosphere was like and how we felt, but it was an awesome 30 seconds of on-air time)
history, baby.
a weekly Holy Books Discussion led by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry
which doubled as a Wednesday night tea party with some great friends
Raspberry Pomegranate Green Tea (my new-found love)
Boba, or bubble tea, with my RA staff at a small lounge by campus
before my train ride home
love them<3, love boba<3
my friend, Thomas, waiting at the train station
our train was delayed for an hour
but we have great stories to tell now about two new friends we made (coming soon!)
dinner and milkshakes with my cousin, Adrienne, at a cafe on campus
a small birthday celebration! the girl deserves it.
and these milkshakes are to die for-- Pumpkin Pie (hers) & Chocolate Hazelnut (mine).
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