Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'll be seeing you

Rachel's been in Florida for nursing school, and Ben was in California for his internship all summer. Finally, they came home. And with our work schedules and post-exhaustion, Aileen and I haven't been able to get together very much either. So yesterday we all got together for a much-needed sweet reunion jam hangout session. I always have so much fun when I'm with these guys. I can't imagine my life without them!
Ben built this cute little robot! :) a robox.
Zaid and Aileen playing pingpong. Check out Zaid's shirt!
Zaid rides his Vespa through Ben's basement.
Aileen is a professional Yo-Yoer. She has serious skills, you have no idea.
family portrait
the drummer.
on the bass.
Rachel, listening in awe.
Soul Meets Body
I try my hand at the drums... I don't think I'll be going pro anytime soon.
Rachel and I are jealous of Aileen's amazing skills.
we end the evening with SCATTERGORIES: Best Game Ever! (along with Taboo)
before we each head home for dinner.
I leave for school this Friday and I've only seen my close friends for short periods of time this summer because of our crazy schedules, but I'm glad I get these couple of days before I go. This year seems like it's going to be busier than ever with all that I'm doing. but I'm hoping we'll all be able to stay in touch somehow. I'm excited for school, but I'm going to miss home so much, especially while it's Ramadan.
Anyway, I've had a great summer. I've spent a lot of my time studying and working at Old Navy, but it was definitely productive.

Ramadan Kareem!
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