Friday, July 22, 2011

River City Heat

I decided to visit my friends in River City for a couple of days and we had the sweetest reunion, despite the heat. The yummy Krispy Kreme run may have been a bit too sugary for me because I was laughing the whole night, talking to everyone in a British accent, and driving like a madman. Actually, it probably wasn't the donuts. It was just my excitement for hanging out with great friends again.
We played Wii at Riz's apartment. JUST DANCE 2... best game ever.
Drove my super-stuffed car to check out the city overlook.
best circle ever :)
Riz tried to teach us how to be gangstas so we could do a proper pose for this picture.
cooling off by the fountain
Debkah around the fountain! First one to fall was going to be crowned the loser... none of us fell though
Abdullah thought he was back in Kuwait at a local fish market...
then the park police yelled at him to put it down haha
trying to survive in the extreme heat!
Apparently I'm the only one scared of the ferocious bear
Abdullah braves the ropes on the Extreme SkyFlier! He's a brave soul.
Kings Dominion was a bit much because we stayed out so late the night before and were exhausted, and the heat wasn't helping. The rides made up for it though. Especially the water rides! Also, throwing water at each other didn't hurt :)

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