Sunday, February 6, 2011

I miss this

Dad, Khalid, and me (West Virginia last summer)
My dad and brothers are the best guys I know. My dad is hilarioussss. I love when we go on roadtrips because I just laugh and laugh the whole time at his stories and jokes. Also, he's the only one that goes on all the rollercoasters with me when we go to theme parks. My dad and I are the most adventurous. Once when we were driving to the Mosque and running late, he stopped to help a blind man cross a large, busy intersection. He's someone I admire very much. My older brother, Khalid, is the nicest. He does so much for other people, you wouldn't even believe. He'd empty his entire wallet for someone he barely knows if they needed it. He's amazing at computers and is always trying to play doctor with my laptop. He's the best driver I know, and I'm a very tough critic when it comes to drivers. My younger brother, Umar, is probably the sweetest 17-year-old boy you'll ever meet. I don't know how he's in high school and completely uninfluenced by those around him. It's amazing. I remember when I was a junior and he was a freshman, he would hold the door open for everyone in the morning. He would just stand there and everyone who got out of the bus walked right through the door, and he just held it open for the longest time! He's also really funny, and a great story teller- very original in everything. These guys just have so much respect for everyone around them, and when we're all together, we can have fun doing nothing. I miss them so much when I'm here at school.

Umar, during my basement photoshoot :)
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