Thursday, December 2, 2010

For as Long as I can Remember, It's Been December

First things first, I would REALLY like the recipe for time. So if you've got that, contact me immediately :)

 I always thought I'd build a Mosque when I'm older, and travel around the world and teach villages, feed the hungry and help the orphans, write a book and change the world. The older I get, the more that seems like just a dream.


One of the challenges a lot of Social Workers face is lack of funds to make the changes that they're intended to make. And that scares me because in order to really help people on a large scale, you've got to have money. Social Workers get paid wayy too little for the amount of work they do, and for the number of peoples' lives they change.
That should be motivation enough for me to want to be the best student I can be, and work to my full potential so I can get a great job and make bankk. And it is important, but right now those words alone aren't changing my study habits or the amount of effort I put in. And I'm going to regret it later. As much as I wish I wouldn't, I keep cruising through school without trying my best. Lately I've been thinking about double majoring to gain more experience, but knowing that I would be in school longer is so unappealing to me. It's sad, I know. It's definitely still an option, though. I've only ever been motivated about non-academic things. BLEHHHH. I just want to get to my major-specific courses so I can learn something I'm interested in and find out what the heck I want to do. I hate not knowing. I thought I knew, but lately I just don't know!
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