Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a change of heart, headscarf

I've been inspired to do some research about wearing the hijab, a head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women (the term hijab refers to the entire modest dress, but I'll be referring to the head scarf), by one of my really great friends, who recently decided to take off her hijab. I had known about her decision because of facebook photos, and as many times as we spoke to each other, the topic of her removing her headscarf never came up. I never asked, and she never mentioned it. Until earlier today.

Yesterday, I noticed that another one of my friends had removed her hijab since last year. Someone asked me about it, and I didn't know what to say. Usually when girls take off their hijabs, it's always assumed by everyone that they've changed in one way or another. I don't think many people stop to ask for a reasoning behind it.

Anyway, I thought it was unfair to make judgments before talking to this former hijabis, and so I've decided to do some journalism and post my findings on my blog for everyone to see. In the next couple of weeks inshaAllah, I'll be asking former hijabis, current hijabis, and random people about their opinions about women who wear the hijab. With their permission, of course, I'll be sharing their thoughts and opinions with all of you, and I'll also tell the story of my own personal decision to wear the hijab, and my uncertainty with it, and how it has helped shape who I am today.

This is completely random, I know, but it's a very curious topic and I get questions all the time about why I wear it, and when I started to wear it. Especially today, when people are so focused on this one image of beauty being portrayed in the media, it's often times hard for hijabis to fit in. This layer of cloth wrapped around a woman's head isn't seen by too many others as a favored accessory.

Anyway, I have a lot to say, as do many others, and I'm excited to write it all down and publish it as a blog post in a couple of weeks.

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