Saturday, January 23, 2010

2nd semester begins♥

Let me sum up my week for you.
Applebee's and Karaoke... BEST NIGHT EVER
Hours and hours of unpacking. With great company :)
Class, class, class, class, class. Which I actually enjoy... I need structure
Great reunions
Grocery shopping in a drug store for hours (Why? I dont know)
Hours in an antique store. Loved it
Real New Year's resolutions
Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. In the form of Naked, of course
Ice Skating on artificial ice...
Rock climbing. It's habitual now
Candyy. So much candy
Decorating my hall for Homecoming Week (YESS)
Late night piano lessons
Sleeep. Mmm, my favorite
My family is visiting todayyy. Woooooooh!
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