Sunday, January 24, 2010

day with the men♥

I had a really, really great day with Dad and my brothers. We ate some NY style pizza (our favorite!), went grocery shopping, toured the new gym on campus (LOVE IT), ate some more (hehe), drove around aimlessly for a while and relaxed by the river. It is very cold though. It's alright, we all had fun :)
I JUST REALIZED TODAY THAT MY NAME BACKWARDS IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER NAME. Anisah backwards is Hasina, and it's an Indian name that means 'Beautiful'. How cool is that? And incase you haven't heard, my name as it is means 'Intimate Companion' ;) This realization makes me happyyy.

OUR FLOOR STINKS. AND SOMEONE VOMITED IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM SINK (rhyme!). For those of you who don't know me, I'm scared of vomit. It's a pretty weird thing to be scared of but... I run from it. Hopefully I will get over that soon. Seriously, though? The laundry room sink? That's disgusting

P.S. The photos are random ones I took on our aimless drive today.
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