Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leonid Meteor Shower!
I went to see my first meteor shower this morning from 2am til 4am and it was so incredible! We didn't see too much because it was a bit cloudy and there was still a lot of light pollution even when we left the city. but what we did see was beautiful :)
but before we actually went to view them, two friends and i got lost for 40 minutes on some highway... haha surprise, surprise...
when we finally got there, we put the blanket out and laid down to watch the magic.
i kept giggling because it was so early and i havent gotten any sleep! and that's what happens to me when i'm that tired. i just finished writing my sociology paper and now i have to read for one of my classes. so i just pulled an all-nighter...hooray.

wishes, wishes, wishes :)

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