Saturday, November 14, 2009

just bought some puma's!!! finally some comfortable shoes.
not that my cowboy boots aren't comfortable :)... but yeah. i needed some real shoes. chucks are so uncomfortable! i didnt think so before but after living in the city where all i do is walk all day, i found that they are the most uncomfortable pair of 'tennis shoes' i've ever tried on!
yesterday was so much fun. MY FIRST COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME. i love bringing out the war paint! and apparently i was on TV with my group of friends! hollywood, here i come. and we left early cause we were so hungry...right after we left, one of the players won free pizza for everyone in our section of the stadium... a large box of pizza for each of us... that definitely beats the qdoba we paid for.
hmm, what else? i would tell you what i did later last night but i'm trying to surprise everyone when i get home. so, uhh for now, that's a secret!
my dad and brothers came today! it was so much funn, i love showing people 'my' city when they visit me. it's weird, but it's cool.
anyway, going out aimlessly tonight.
laterrr, skaterrrs.
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