Friday, November 13, 2009

weather update: umm i almost got blown away (not exaggerating!), 10 of my friends complained about their broken umbrellas, and its freezing! alan, hanane, erin, and i were running backwards to qdoba wednesday night (at 2am lol) because it was so cold. AND qdoba was closed because it's veterans day! so we had to drive to macdonald's (bleh!) and burger king (mehh). ANYWAYS back to the weather (PS i think i have ADD... its annoying). I CAN JUMP IN THE PUDDLES BECAUSE I HAVE RAIN BOOTS :) !!! it is so much fun, everyone in the world should have rainboots (unless you live in the desert or something). the bottom of your jeans will never get wet again! it's a wonderful thing.

Arthur Leipzig

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